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Slip and Fall & Tripping Accidents – Serious Lawyers For Serious Injuries

Under the law, property owners and their tenants have a responsibility to ensure that their premises are reasonably safe and secure. The legal standard of care placed on business operators is especially stringent, allowing injured persons to recover money for their pain and suffering, and for medical and hospital bills, and for lost income. The law protects accident victims who have slipped or fallen on many types of hazards, including:

Snow or ice on walkways, parking lots, stairways, and at shopping malls

Broken or uneven pavement: sidewalks, parking lots, stairways, and commercial properties

Debris and litter and spilled food on business property, theaters, shopping mall food courts

Wet floors, walkways, and tripping hazards left on stairways

Merchandise falling from store shelves or dropped by store employees

No warnings on holes, ditches and all other tripping hazards

We Know Slip and Fall Injuries  –  Millions Won For Our Clients
A fall down injury is no laughing matter.  Whether the resulting injury is a fractured bone, a torn ligament, or an injury requiring surgery, a victim’s life can be greatly disrupted. And for elderly individuals, a fall causing a broken hip can have devastating effects, and may require long-term nursing care. Our Winning Team knows how to achieve a money settlement where you receive the full and proper compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, for your financial out-of-pocket losses, and for lost income from being out of work.

We move quickly and efficiently. And we can help you arrange quality medical care with physicians who can defer receiving payment for their medical services until you have received your monetary settlement.


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